The Australian Security Research Centre (ASRC) was established in 2006 to coordinate and promote independent, collaborative research and discussion on the broad concept of the security of Australia.

The Centre does this through encouraging those with knowledge and an interest to gather at meetings, conferences, fora and other events to engage in dialogue, formal and informal discussions and research.

The Centre seeks to include a wide range of individuals and entities to become involved including: academia, the corporate sector, small business, all levels of government, NGOs, professional and industry Institutes/Associations, technical practitioners, and public and private “Think Tanks”.

The Centre has an Advisory Board who are responsible for identifying topics of interest and relevance.  The Centre then designs an appropriate way forward with the discussion, be it an event, meeting or commissioned research.

The Board members represent backgrounds in: national security policy, education, military, private sector security management, the corporate sector, standards development, process development, stakeholder engagement and event management.

Suggestions for topics/themes for discussion related to the security of Australia are welcome via the contact page.