Previously . . .

The Australian Security Research Centre was founded in 2006 by A/Professor Athol Yates to provide a collaborative approach to the study and discussion of international, national and local security.

The Centre achieved this through conferences including the “Safeguarding Australia” series, issue-specific congresses, authoring and editing papers and publications, publishing books and promoting research groups such as The Research Network For A Secure Australia.

In late 2013 stewardship of the Centre passed to Cath Brinkley who continues to seek opportunities to research, promote and present issues related to security in its broadest sense.

Going forward…

Today, The team intends to continue the work of the ASRC for the foreseeable future, through hosting a range of functions such as conferences, networking events, technological showcases and forums, publishing on topics of interest to defence and security practitioners and academics, and facilitating meetings between government and industry when applicable.  The staff of the Centre are a small agile team able to arrange events quickly and easily while ensuring that the right people are at the right tables to make things happen.  If you would like to nominate as an ASRC Research Associate please contact us on [email protected]

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