Challenging Security Paradigms – Forum Program


Introduction & welcome   C. Brinkley

Is there one ‘standard’ way to manage risk?  Dr K Foster 

Security and Risk Management the Next Evolution
– applying the multiplex view to risk management Dr G. Schneider 

Morning Tea  

Security Risk Management:
a Dangerously Overrated and Broken Paradigm  D. Harding RSecP

Is Security Really About Security? –  J. Bigelow


Defence in Depth is not a useful tool for measuring performance    J. Jordan RSecP       

Advice on IED charge weight information is inappropriate D. Williams CPP RSecP        

 Afternoon Tea  

Guards are first responders   -B. McCall

Discussion & future research – All attendees


 Poster papers  

Terrorism Risks and the Myth of the Mastermind Prof M. Stewart

The story of two clocks – Security equipment is failing to function   R. Murphy CPP