Defining best practice for the management of workplace violence and aggression in Australia.

What is this about?
Workplace violence and aggression is a growing concern for many different industries, but research on the scope and severity of the problem in Australia is lacking. The ASRC is conducting a research project to address this dearth of data focusing on the following six industries:

  • Public transport and air travel
  • Private security industry
  • Retail and customer service
  • Liquor and hospitality
  • Banking and financial services
  • Healthcare and aged care services

Goals of the Study

  • To establish academically verified set of best-practice recommendations for the management and prevention of workplace aggression and violence in Australia.
  • Understanding the impact and importance of the reduction of physical injury and mental health issues.

We need your help!
We need the support or organisations willing to get serious about addressing this issue who are prepared to distribute our survey amongst their personnel. If you would like to assist, please contact the research coordinator.

Research Coordinator: [email protected]

Indicative Research Proposal ASRC – Aggression, Violence and Duty of Care