David Harding

David has over 30 years experience working within government and private security fields, including service in the Australian Army’s Special Air Service Regiment, and the Australian Federal Police’s Air Security Officer Program. David has conducted successful security operations against leading insurgencies, terrorist organisations and criminal fraternities. Combining his experience with academic research in Policing Intelligence and Counter Terrorism, David has created a new and different module for identifying persons who wish to harm an organisation, person or society. The concept and model, called Criminal Threat Management seeks to first identify the criminal’s development pathway, then create opportunities to guide, counter or neutralise that pathway. As Director of Anshin Consultants, a Threat Management consultancy, David conducts threat management operations across the Middle East, Asia and Australasia. These operations include advising leading business persons and diplomats on non-state security threats, and training small and medium businesses to large corporations and government. David-Harding

ASRC Occasional Paper #8 – Understand the Process – Prevent the Attack