On the 28 and 29th of June this year the Australian Security Research Centre (ASRC) hosted a 2 day conference on the theme of ‘Australia, a Risk Assessment’.

The conference featured a wide range of papers, presentations and discussion sessions examining the ACTUAL risks to Australia and its citizens, what mitigation measures are available, and/or appropriate, what might they cost, and what might the costs be of doing nothing?

Some of the conference presentation slides are able to be viewed via the links below. Available conference papers are being collated and will be published later this year in the Australia – A Risk Assessment Conference Proceedings.  Please email [email protected] if you would like to be placed on our mailing list and advised when the publication is available for sale.

Preparing for the Risks of the Future
Mr Tony Pearce
Inspector General for Emergency Management

The innovation of risk = the risk of innovation
Dr Gav Schneider
Risk 2 Solution Group

Our changing risks and hazards
Dr Richard Thornton
Chief Executive Officer

Assessing the Risk of Pandemic Influenza
Ms Sandra Gebbie
Director, Health Emergency Countermeasures
Health Emergency Management Branch
Office of Health Protection

Illicit Drugs & Organised Crime
Dr James Martin
Security and Criminology Studies
Macquarie University

Food Security
Dr Geoffrey Anniston
Deputy Chief Executive
Australian Food and Grocery Council

The Challenges of Building Resilience in Infrastructure Systems
Dr Paul Barnes
Head, Risk & Resilience
Australian Strategic Policy Institute

Politics, Media and Risk: Planning Regional Multicultural  Cities
Dr Julie Rudner
La Trobe University

Building Social Cohesion – Tackling Risks of Extremism in Australia
Ms Anooshe Mushtaq