Occupational Violence, Aggression and Duty of Care in Australia

The aim of this research project was to conduct research into workplace and occupational violence (OVA) in Australia. This report is one tool that can be used to address the observed gap in managing the issues associated with OVA. The research team has investigated prevention and preparation, response, and recovery with regard to OVA and its impact on mental health across six main industry sectors in Australia.

  • retail and customer service,
  • liquor and hospitality,
  • the private security industry,
  • banking and financial services,
  • healthcare and aged care services, and
  • education and training.

The research team made every effort to apply solid academic rigour to their research approach. That done, while writing the report they took into account that the target audience for this research is non-academics  and the report has been written with that in mind. It is their intent that the report be a useful tool to assist any and all to affected stakeholders to tackle the problem.

In order to gain a robust view, research was undertaken utilising a multitiered approach that incorporated

  • an on-line survey,
  • literature review and
  • interviews with leading practitioners in the field.

In doing so, six main areas for consideration were identified (or proposed), name

  1. Work Systems,
  2. Work Related Exposure,
  3. Emotional and Physical Impacts,
  4. Prevention and Preparation,
  5. Control Measures, and
  6. Incident/Post Incident Management