ASRC Papers

In addition to a number of works being produced by the publishing arm of ASRC, Collaborative Publications,  the Centre regularly publishes a series of thought provoking articles from a range of ASRC contributors.

To have your article (less than 5000 words) considered for publication by the ASRC Publications Committee please forward it with relevant photographs and a short resume to

Please see below for a link to papers published recently.

ASRC Research Report: Occupational Violence, Aggression and Duty of Care in Australia (2020)

ASRC Occasional Paper #14 – Energy Security for Australia 2017

ASRC Occasional Paper #13 – Energy Security in Australia, 2012.  This paper is taken from the 2012 Next Generations Disaster Management Conference proceedings. An updated version will be available in August 2017.

ASRC Occasional Paper #12 – Lone Wolf Attackers; a Potential Boom in the Industry

ASRC Occasional Paper #11 – Lazy Terrorists and Local Councils.

ASRC Occasional Paper #10 – HR Resilience: The future of Human Resource Management in the Australian Security Industry (reprinted with permission of Security Solutions Magazine).

ASRC Occasional Paper #9 – Why do organisations think that being resilient is bad?

ASRC Occasional Paper #8 – Understand the Process – Prevent the Attack

ASRC Occasional Paper #7 – The Next One

ASRC Occasional Paper #6 – Active Shooters in Places of Mass Gathering

ASRC Occasional Paper #5 – The Red Elephant In The Room: The Naxalites, Indian Government And Its Impact On Australia

ASRC Occasional Paper #4 – Training aid causes massive disruption – again

ASRC Occasional Paper #3 – Jihadists and Facility Managers – Some Thoughts

ASRC Occasional Papers #2 – Security Threat, Fear, and Being the Adults in the Room

ASRC Occasional Paper #1 – Terrorism: we are not ready