Challenging Security Paradigms- Bursting the Assumptions Bubble


There are assumptions and paradigms that underpin our security thoughts and processes.

The ASRC invited leading academics and practitioners to identify security paradigms and assumptions that we hold to be true and if they are faulty to burst them asunder. The results have been surprising – some of the truths we hold to be eternal may be flawed.

On 23 March the Centre is hosting a forum where the authors will deliver their findings and attendees will be invited to discuss, challenge, defend or agree and to decide where we go from here.

The papers have been collected into a book “Challenging Security Assumptions” which will be released on the day. All attendees will receive a copy.


Papers to be presented include:

  • Security Risk Management: a Dangerously Overrated and Broken Paradigm.
  • Defence in Depth is not a useful tool for measuring performance.
  • Terrorism Risks and the Myth of the Mastermind.
  • Is there one ‘standard’ way to manage risk?
  • IED charge weight information (provided by governments) is inappropriate.
  • Security technologies are now no different to any other IT based hardware / software configuration.
  • Security guards are not First Responders
  • Addressing the Misconception that Security is Actually about Security.

Come along on the 23rd of March and be part of the discussion that may change how we think about security.

Forum Speakers – 3 PhDs. , 4 Registered Security Professionals, and 2 Certified Protection Professionals equals more than 150 years of security experience in one room . . .
WHERE – Hotel Realm, National Circuit, Barton, ACT 2600
WHEN – 23rd March 2016, 0830-1700
DRESS – Smart Casual
Registration – $285 includes morning and afternoon tea, lunch and a copy of the book.