Leonie Barnes

Leonie Barnes’s story if a story of a deminer from the NT (Northern Territory), all about resilience in the face of immense disaster, and her life in the Minefields and on the front line of disaster and recovery around the world. She is the daughter of a crocodile shooter, child of the Northern Territory, martial artist, musician and one of the first ever female graduates of Australia’s Royal Military College, Duntroon. At the age of 22 Leonie entered the workforce as an officer in the Australian Army leading men twice her age. She then began a lifelong specialisation as an Ammunition Technical Officer in the Army Bomb Squad. After leaving the Army she started working internationally within the Humanitarian Mine Action international arena, clearing landmines and destroying unexploded ordnance, she is now recognised as a leading expert within the landmine clearance world – working with national authorities, mine affected communities and deminers across three different continents.